Thanks for a great day!

Chics Take Flight finally happened yesterday and was, judging by the grins of all the future pilots, a great success! From the first eager flyers, who arrived at 7:45am, to the last flight of the day by organizer Judy (lasting 1.5 hours and touching down at 8:30pm), it was a true celebration of aviation. The flight simulator was in almost constant use and we heard very interesting stories from our guest speakers. Most importantly, though, we got over thirty people of all ages into the air.

Thank you to everyone, both participants and staff, who came out. It would not have been as successful without you! Check out the event photos here!

Weather Forecast: Awesome

Today’s extended forecast for Black Diamond shows Saturday with a high of 24C and sunny, no clouds, and 0% chance of precipitation – WOOOO! In aviation we call a forecast like that “CAVU” – Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited. So remember to bring your water bottles, sunscreen, shades, and hats!