Q: How do I register for a flight?
A: Registration takes place at the event on a first come, first served basis.

Q: What is included in an introductory flight?
A: Central Alberta Gliding Club offers two types of introductory flights: aerotow launch and winch launch.

In an aerotow launch, you and your instructor will be towed by a powered airplane to a height of 3000 ft above the ground. After the instructor releases from the towplane, you will have a chance to fly the glider, essentially taking the first lesson that is given to new students. If you’d just like to enjoy the scenery, that’s ok too.
A gliding flight from 3000 ft usually lasts about 20 minutes, give or take 5 minutes. Your instructor will take over again for the landing.

For a winch launch, the winching machine and the dual-seat glider are placed at opposite ends of the runway. The winch cable is attached to the glider, and when your pilot is ready, the cable will be drawn in very quickly – this causes the glider to accelerate and climb. It’s a bit like running with a kite, except you will be riding in the kite! Using a winch is a very exciting way to get into the air – you will climb to almost 1000 ft in a matter of seconds.

The winch launch costs less than the aerotow because it is typically a very quick flight – just long enough to fly into position to begin the landing pattern. Although you will not likely be able to do any flying yourself, it is a tremendous thrill ride and a great way to enjoy the prairie scenery. (Availability of a winch-launched flight is subject to change.)

To see what a winch launch is like, have a look at this video.

For more information on introductory flights, please see the Central Alberta Gliding Club’s Rates page.