Email problems and how we’re fixing them

Our little “contact us” form has, sadly, been discovered by spambots, and they’ve been using it to flood our email account with garbage. I suppose it was really only a matter of time. (Perhaps this means we’ve “arrived” as a website.) This means two things:

1) If you want to email us, you will have to do so directly, from your own email account, until I can install a more secure form. In order to avoid further attracting bots, I won’t write out the full email address here, but it’s a Gmail address, and the name before the “at” symbol is “chicstakeflight”.

2) Many of you have tried to contact us using the form and have not received a reply. We’re really sorry about this! We should have been checking the spam filter all along. I’ve alerted the rest of the Chics organizing committee to this problem. We’re going to go through the spam folder right away and pull out all the emails that appear legitimate. However, Gmail automatically deletes spam after 30 days, so if you emailed us before Canada Day and didn’t hear from us, your original email is gone. Could you kindly email us again, directly this time, so that we won’t lose your contact information in the junk folder? Thanks!

All this frustration calls for a silly video. Please enjoy this classic from Monty Python:
The SPAM skit, of course!